18 – Acquiring captial for Growth & Development

After studying Chapter 18, in addition to defining key terms, you will be able to:

  • LO1 Identify available sources of debt financing.
  • LO2 Journalize transactions related to short-term debt financing.
  • LO3 Identify the components of a loan application.
  • LO4 Journalize transactions related to long-term financing.
  • LO5 Journalize transactions related to equity financing.
  • LO6 Identify factors influencing financing decisions.
  • LO7 Analyze the impact of financial leverage.

PowerPoint – due to file size you will need to go to student shared drive to access the Lecture Series PP for Chapter 18.

18 Vocabulary Acct

18 Accounting Text

Working papers 18-1 wrkprs, PowerPoint 18-1 lecture series, Excel problem

Working Papers 18-2 wrkprs, PowerPoint 18-2 lecture series part 1 and 18-2 lecture series part 2, Excel problem

Working Papers 18-3 wrkprs, PowerPoint 18-3 Lecture series, Excel problem

Working Papers 18-4 wrkprs, PowerPoint 18-4 lecture series, Excel problem

18 Mastery and Challenge problems

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