23 – Acctg for Partnership

Learning Objectives

After studying Chapter 23, in addition to defining key terms, you will be able to:


  • LO1 Journalize entries to record investments by partners.
  • LO2 Journalize entries to record withdrawals by partners.
  • LO3 Prepare a distribution of net income statement for a partnership.
  • LO4 Prepare an owners’ equity statement for a partnership.
  • LO5 Calculate and record a gain on realization.
  • LO6 Calculate and record a loss on realization.
  • LO7 Journalize entries to liquidate a partnership.

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23 Accounting Text

23 Coversheet

Working papers 23-1 wrkprs, PowerPoint 23-1 lecture series, Excel problem

Working Papers 23-2 wrkprs, PowerPoint 23-2 lecture series, Excel problem

Working Papers 23-3 wrkprs, PowerPoint 23-3 lecture series part 1 and 23-3 lecture series part 2, Excel problem

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