Unit 7 Economics


Demonstrating Knowledge of a Nation’s Economic Goals

  • 59: Describe strategies for achieving national economic goals.
  • 60: Demonstrate knowledge of the nation’s financial system.
  • 61: Demonstrate knowledge of how monetary and fiscal policy influence employment, output, and prices.
  • 62: Demonstrate knowledge of the role of government in a market economy.

Developing Consumer Skills

  • 72: Explain consumer rights, responsibilities, remedies, and the importance of consumer vigilance.
  • 73: Examine precautions for protecting identity and other personal information.
  • 74: Interact effectively with salespersons and merchants.
  • 75: Describe consumer protection regulations.
  • 76: Describe the role of consumer assistance agencies.

Demonstrating Knowledge of Taxes

  • 115: Describe the types and purposes of local, state, and federal taxes and the way each is levied and used.
  • 121: Define the terminology associated with inheritance.
  • 122: Compare investment options for a monetary inheritance.
  • 123: Examine types and purposes of estate planning.
  • 124: Complete a state income tax form, including electronic formats.
  • 125: Complete short and itemized federal income tax forms, including electronic formats.

Class Materials:


Taxes Spending Deficits & National Debt (US Debt Clock, CBO Historical Budget Data (look for Historical Budget and whatever is the most current month)

The Fed’s Current Mon Policy (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Wastebook 2012

Federal Regulatory Agencies


The Federal Reserve in Plain English or iCivics “People Pie”