Chapter 2


2.1 You will learn:

  •       Explain the differences between categories of crime
  •       Distinguish federal from state criminal law
  •       Describe the elements of a crime
  •       Determine several defenses to criminal acts.
  •       Explain the differences between penalties for committing felonies and misdemeanors

Why it’s important – Knowing the elements of a crime and the defenses to crimes will help you if you are ever accused of a crime of the victim of a crime.

2.1 Wrap Up:

  • SWB (student workbook) pages 12-14

2.2 You will learn:

  •       Describe the different categories of crime
  •       Identify several special crimes that involve the use of motor vehicles
  •       Define different types of business crimes, such as arson, forgery and embezzlement

Knowing how to distinguish among various crimes will help you understand criminal liability.

2.2 Wrap Up:

  • SWB pages 16-20

Chapter 2 Review and Assessment

  • Key Points Review #2-18