Chapter 1


1.1 You will learn:

  • Explain how ethical decisions are made
  • Identify the different ethical character traits
  • Describe how the law relates to ethics
  • Explain the importance of the law
  • Identify the parts of the Constitution
  • Explain the components of common law
  • Explain the purposes of statutory law
  • Identify the ways that the courts make laws

1.1 Warm Up:  Pull out a piece of paper and answer the following question, with complete sentences.

If our country did not have a legal system, it would …

KWL Chart

  1.  List criminal justice system draws or stories you know
  2. Skim Unit 1 and notice headers, figures, and phones
  3.  Use the KWL chart to show your knowledge of the law

Integrity and confidentiality play an important role in business.  Work as a group and see if you can identify at least three ethical rules that relate to:

  • Doctors
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Teachers

Use full sentences and make sure to include the reasons for the ethical rules.

Type and turn in as group project

1.1 You will Learn:

1.1 Wrap Up:


1.2 You will learn:

  • Define jurisdiction
  • Describe the structure of the federal court system
  • Explain the role of the United States Supreme Court
  • Determine the common structure of most state court systems
  • Identify alternative dispute resolution techniques.
  • Differentiate between civil and criminal cases
  • Describe the steps in a civil lawsuit
  • Explain the rights of criminal defendants
  • List the steps in a criminal prosecution

1.2 Warm Up:  What is the kind of court that a teenage might have to appear in if he or she commits an offense?  Take 5-10 minutes to research why such a court was created.  Write 1 paragraph minimum, use complete sentences.

  1. What court would hear the following cases:
    1. Bankruptcy
    2. Violation of a curfew by a teen
    3. Abandonment of duty by a naval officer

1.2 Wrap Up:

Chapter 1 Review and Assessment: