Lesson 1


  • 6670-34 Investigate the history and emerging advances (e.g., personal digital assistants (PDA’s) of information technology.
  • 6670-37 Explore basic binary concepts and their applications in the information technology.
  • 6670-47 Identify the basic parts of a computer system and then relationship among components.
  • 6670-48 Describe characteristics and functions of CPU’s, motherboards, random access memory (RAM), expansion connections, floppy drivers, hard drives, and CD-ROM drivers.
  • 6670-53 Describe the basic computer start-up sequence.


Upon completion of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of computers
  • Define computers and computer systems
  • Classify computers
  • Identify system components
  • Identify types of storage devices
  • Care for storage media
  • Explore computers in your future

PowerPoint (had to be broken down into sizes that the website could handle

Video series the inside of your computer:

Worksheet: Computers All Around Us