Lesson 31


  • 6670-41 Examine social, ethical, and legal issues associated with information technology.
  • 6670-42 Debate an ethical issue related to using computer and Internet technology.

Coversheet – L1 – Coversheet

Textbook L31 – Computer Safety and Ethics PP(this is a version of the textbook)

PowerPoint for Lesson 31 notes –

Vocabulary L31 – Vocabulary

Lesson Review (required of every chapter) and Assignments (student will need to look at calendar to see what assignments they are to do) – L31 – Assignment

Website for 31-1

Computer Safety and Ethics Quiz

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Other Assignments:


Upon completion of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Maintain a safe computing environment
  • Prevent computer-related injuries
  • Identify security risks
  • Set access restrictions
  • Understand workplace privacy
  • Avoid e-commerce problems
  • Protect privacy on the Internet
  • Use the Internet safely and legally
  • Practice responsibility as a computer user