Getting around

To navigate this website you need to start by choosing a semester (Fall or Spring).  When you scroll over the semester you will see which class Mrs. Robison is teaching during that time.

Calendar:  if you want the calendar for any class you need to CLICK on that class (such as ITF) under the appropriate semester.  The entire years calendar is there, most current on the top.

Assignments:  Once  you have identified the assignments you need, to go to the appropriate chapters.  Scroll back over the semester (Fall or Spring) and scroll over the appropriate class and you should see the chapters pop up on the left side of your screen.  CLICK on the correct chapter and all the assignments should be linked (in red) there.  Once you click on the assignment, the page that opens has a red lined link that needs to be clicked to access the material.

Turning in work:  You can print out the worksheets or you can write the answers on an sheet of paper.  Make sure to write the name of the assignment so it gets graded correctly.  You can also send me an email with you assignment attached or in the body of the email.

Absent from class:  Every assignment is on my website, if I have it electronically.  Periodically an assignment may get missed, just let me know and I will resolve it as quickly as possible.  When a student returns to class, anything passed out over the last week is in a hanging file system behind the class door.  It is labeled with the day of the week it was given to students.  I MAKE IT THE STUDENTS RESPONSIBILITY TO GET ANY MISSED WORK.  When students ask what they missed they will be directed to my website and the folders behind the door.  Once they have done those two things I will help them if they still need it, but they will need to ask.

Communication:  The best and quickest form of communication for me is email (

Grading:  Most days I do not leave until all assignments turned in are graded.