Great-Aunt Gracie Lou

Good job on finding the family lawyer.  The lawyer has given you several papers to work through. It may be a good time to sit down with your family and figure out what needs to be done next and who will do it.


  • Key lock – paint is only for ease of matching locks to keys, nothing to do with the game
  • Directions lock – you must push the top down (that is the silver part) twice to reset the combination.  (ie. every time you mess up you have to push it down twice)
  • Alpha lock – not all the letters were available to do the clock combo, notice on the lock that there is a “x2” on one of the keys.  It means that the letter/number that is there is needed 2 times and you will only be able to do it once.
  • 4 digit lock – How good are you at ciphers?

Don’t forget you have one clue card; your whole team must be present to redeem this card with your instructor.  Card must be surrendered at the time of use.

If you have not started to look for an apartment, it might be a good time to start.  When you check out the “For Rent” magazine you notice that there are several apartments for rent near your aunts’ house.  So, you decide that is the direction you need to head. You have made arrangements to look at several apartments.  Be careful, it is hard to see when it gets dark.