Class Procedures

Mrs. Robison Class Procedures

  1. Entering the Classroom

Access daily Warm-up, found on calendar page of teacher website.

Pick up all of the papers needed for class at the front of the classroom

  1. Calendar

Look at teachers’ website for daily assignments and links for class materials

  1. Warm Up Activity

Warm-Up Activities will take the first 5-10 minutes of class.  (If you are absent you will be excused from warm up; check teacher website.) No make up for missed warm-up

  1. Briefing

After Warm-Up, teacher will brief regarding today’s objectives and activities.

  1. Testing

All tests must be worked on independently unless otherwise instructed.

Absent on test day

  • Student will make an appointment with teacher to make up during IE.
  • If excused absence, students have 2 days to make up test, and then receive a zero for grade.
  • Student will receive different version of the test.
  1. Turning in Assignments/Tests

All assignments should include the following information:

  • First and Last Name – legible
  • Date
  • Period

Put assignments in appropriate box.

No name assignments will be put on the board for 1 week and then thrown away.

  1. Grading

Grades will be posted within three school days.  Grades will be discussed after class or at teacher’s discretion. Students receiving a C or below should plan to attend IE to get extra help.

  1. Passes

No pass for the first or last 10 minutes of class.  NO passes during IE.

Passes will only be given for restroom and nurse.  Students pass the bathroom as they come to class; it is recommended they use the restroom prior to class.  Students may use the bathroom when it is student work time, not when teacher is talking.

  1. Computers

Please follow the rules posted in classroom.

For more information see:

King George County Schools

Acceptable Technology Use Policy

See acceptable Website list on Mrs. Robison’s webpage.

On occasion when student has completed class work and would like to work on “Other Class Assignment” they need to follow Mrs. Robison and King George County Acceptable Use policy.

Students earn the right to use the computers.   If they do not follow the school policy or Mrs. Robison’s rules they will lose the right to use the class computers.

  1. Make-up Work

All work is available on teacher website.  Any missed work can be picked up from behind the classroom door.  If absence is excused student will have three days to make up any class work missed.

Students will need to make some arrangements with teacher for any make-up work to be done in class; such as test or bookwork.


  1. Food and Drinks

NO Food allowed at the computer.  NO EXCEPTION.

DRINKS are allowed in sealed containers and must be stored below the computer.  No open containers such as can drinks.

Students not following these rules will be instructed to throw away food or drink.

  1. BYOD

Cell Phones: Due to continued problems, cell phones will not be allowed in classroom.

Computers: Since this is a computer lab there is no reason for students to bring his/her own laptop.

Other devices:  If students have other devices they feel will aid them in this class they may discuss with teacher during IE.

  1. Manners

One of the goals of this class is to prepare student for the working world.  Therefore we will use these words in class:

“Please” and “Thank You”

“You’re Welcome”

“May I”

“Excuse Me”

“Mr.” or “Mrs.”

“Yes” NOT “yep” or “yeah”

  1. Tardy

The door will be closed when the class bell rings, any late student will be instructed to get a tardy pass.


Tardy School Response
1st -5th Meet with Asst. Principal
6th Lunch Detention
7th In-School Suspension/Parent Chaperone
8th 2 Days In-School Suspension/Parent Chaperone
9th 3 Days In-School Suspension/Parent Chaperone
10th Out of School Suspension



  1. Absences


Absence School Response
1st Teacher calls home
3rd Attendance Office Calls Home
5th Principal Sends Home Letter
8th Principal Meeting is Required
10th Home Visit is Scheduled



Students will need to look at website to identify missed assignments.

It is the students’ responsibility to make up all missed work.

Only students with EXCUSED absences will be allowed to turn in any missed work within three days after he/she return.  For prolonged absences, student will need to enter into an assignment contract with the teacher.  Student will identify what work is to be completed.  Teacher and student will work together to identify when work is due.

  1. Class Participation

Please raise hand to speak; please wait for teacher to call on you.

Only questions relevant to material/lecture will be addressed.  All other inquiries will be addressed at the end of the class.

  1. End of Class

Clean workstations

Put binders on shelf.

Teacher will dismiss class after workstations are clean and everyone is seated!!!  No one will leave the room until all are in their seat.

  1. Supplies

You are responsible for bringing a pencil, pen, and paper to class every day.   Passes will NOT be given to locker to retrieve supplies.  If something happens to your pen or pencil, during teacher time, get up quietly and trade your pen/pencil.

  1. Noise Control

Do to ongoing problems with students and cell phones, there may be rare occasions where music is allowed.  On these occasions cell phones will be put on shuffle and turned upside down.  At no time does this give students permission to text, email or use social media.  If students do not follow the rules, any future music will be forfeited by the entire class.

  1. Questions

Please raise your hand to ask a question.  Questions pertaining to the lecture or material being covered will be answered on a timely basis.  All other questions will be answered at the end of the class or at teacher’s discretion.

  1. Working in Groups

The teacher will assign groups.  Each student must contribute to the group.  Group grades will be issued rather than individual grades.    At the completion of group work, each member will evaluate the teamwork and members.   Grades maybe adjusted for lack of participation.  Students are not allowed to change groups.

  1. Portfolio Notebooks

Recommend you keep notebook and can be left in classroom on shelf

  1. Assistance

Please raise hand when you need assistance.  If teacher is busy or occupied, please wait patiently until the teacher can offer assistance.

  1. Passing in Assignments

Please make sure that all assignments turned in have the following:

  • First and Last Name – legible
  • Date
  • Period

Assignments that will be graded should be turned into appropriate location in classroom. Most test will be completed electronically.  

  1. Finishing Early

Check PowerSchool to make sure that all your assignments are complete.  You may do other class work as long as you are not disturbing other students.

  1. Website

Students will find an approved list of websites on Mrs. Robison’s’ Webpage.  Any students using websites not found on this list or approved by teacher will lose the privilege of using classroom computers.

Teacher has the ability to see a history of student websites.  This will be printed out and attached to student referral.


  1. Getting Out of Your Seat

Students may leave their seat only to perform assignment related tasks.

  1. Fire Drill

Please see Fire Drill procedure posted in the room.

Students must leave and return as a class.

  1. Assembly/Abbreviated Day

Normal class procedures are enforced.

  1. Visitors in Classroom

Normal class procedures are enforced.

  1. Teacher Is Not in Classroom

Normal class procedures are enforced.

  1. IE Detention

IE detention will be assigned for those students who are disruptive or do not follow classroom procedures. “You take my time, I will take yours”.


Any student caught cheating will receive a zero on the assignment, parents will be notified, and a referral will be written up.   Giving your assignment to someone else to copy is considered cheating and will receive the same punishment as above.

  1. Late Work

Students will be docked 10% for each day an assignment is late.   Teacher will no longer accept work after 3 days.  It is the students’ responsibility to get the missing work and turn it in.

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