13 Internet and the W.W.W.

13.1 Internet and the World Wide Web

  • 38 Describe the evolution of the Internet and how it works.
  • 39 Describe emerging technologies as they relate to the future of the Internet.
  • 41 Examine social, ethical, and legal issues associated with information technology.
  • 42 Debate an ethical issue related to using computer and Internet technology.
  • 72 Describe the differences between analog and digital technology.
  • 73 Identify the elements that are required to connect to the Internet.
  • 74 Describe the concept of IP addresses and the Domain Name System (DNS).
  • 75 Explain the delivery methods of Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
  • 76 Explore the types and features of various Web browsers.
  • 77 Explain file transfer mechanisms.
  • 79 Identify criteria for conducting searches on the Internet.
  • 88 Investigate design elements of professionally developed Web sites.

13.2 Creating for the Web

  • 81 Explain the purpose and functions of computer programming.
  • 82 Identify the types of programming languages.
  • 84 Design a simple program for a specific application.
  • 85 Create a simple computer program.