Work Place Readiness

#1 Ethics

#2 Integrity and Dependability stories

#4 Demonstrate self-representation skills

  • The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

#5 Diversity Awareness Activity

  • Meaning of your Name
  • Suggested websites:
    • Behind the name
    • Meaning of names
    • Baby names

#8 Communication

  • Effective Communication Skills

#11 Labor Law Questions

  • VA Department of Labor website
  • Employment handbook website

#11 OSHA Questions

  • OSHA website

#14 – Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Workplace readiness is organized by competency number

1  Demonstrate positive work ethic

2  Demonstrate integrity

3  Demonstrate teamwork skills

4  Demonstrate self-representation skills

5  Demonstrate diversity awareness

6  Demonstrate conflict-resolution skills

7  Demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness

8  Demonstrate effective speaking and listening skills

9  Demonstrate effective reading and writing skills

10  Demonstrate critical-thinking and problem-solving skills

11 Demonstrate healthy behaviors and safety skills

12  Demonstrate and understanding of workplace organization, systems, and climates

13  Demonstrate lifelong-learning skills

14  Demonstrate job-acquisition and advancement skills

15  Demonstrate time-, task-, and resource-management skills

16  Demonstrate job-specific mathematics skills

17  Demonstrate customer-service skills

18  Demonstrate proficiency with technologies common to a specific occupation

19  Demonstrate information technology skills

20  Demonstrate an understanding of Internet use and security issues

21  Demonstrate telecommunications skills